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[LE CLUB Exclusive] Complimentary Monthly Treatment Booking

170,00 €

Welcome to our exclusive online booking platform for Le Club members: choose your preferred spa location, tailor your complimentary 60-minute session by adding extra time, and select the date and time that suits your schedule.

As our esteemed member, you're granted complimentary access to our wellness facilities on the day of your booking. Feel free to arrive early and indulge in a workout at our gym or unwind in our pool, hammam, or sauna for a truly immersive experience (check facilities available prior to your booking).

Your treatment is an entirely personalized journey, curated to cater to your unique needs and desires. Opt for a top-tier body massage, a rejuvenating facial treatment, or indulge in a harmonious blend of both for extended sessions of 90 minutes and beyond. The choice is yours to make your wellness experience truly exceptional.

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We are at your disposal for any question.

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10h to 19h CET

Email: leclub@maisoncodage.com

Phone: Tel : +33 (0)1 89 16 61 80

How to use

You can book your complementary treatment from your membership access, or by calling our spa.

All your discount will apply directly to your cart once connected.

Your discount are also available in shop, your email address will be needed.

Duo booking are available only by phone.

Our Places

Maisons CODAGE

Treat yourself with a relaxing interlude away from the hectic pace of Parisian city life.

Our team of facialists and massage therapists will guide you towards your best journey to beauty and wellbeing.

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Maison CODAGE Paris Le Marais

Maison CODAGE Kimpton St Honoré

Maison CODAGE Le Roch Hotel & Spa


> Maison CODAGE Aysla Mallorca

> Atelier de l'Hôtel du Louvre

[LE CLUB Exclusive] Complimentary Monthly Treatment Booking

170,00 €

How it works

  • Book your treatment

    Make sure you are logged in to your account, then select the place, date and time of your appointment

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    Once redirected in the checkout, your member priced will apply.

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Our Spa Locations

Maisons CODAGE are havens of relaxation and well-being nestled within beautiful 5-star hotels across various locations, including Paris and the island of Majorca. Through expert professional guidance, each of our Maisons CODAGE offer highly personalized and effective treatments tailored to your unique needs.

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Frequently-Asked Questions


Our monthly offer is commitment-free and can be canceled at any time. However, any ongoing month will be due in full.

Our other offers have a commitment period of 12 months (for the annual offer) or 3 months (for the 3-month offer). Beyond the commitment period, our subscriptions are paid monthly, except for the 3-month offer, which is paid in full at the time of purchase.

For monthly and annual subscriptions, a payment card will be required for automatic payment at the beginning of each month.

Yes, you can simply stop your subscription online in the client area or via chat or email before its renewal date or the end of the commitment period. Only the monthly subscription is commitment-free.

If you don't have time to book your treatment during the current month and you have subscribed to the monthly or annual offer, you will automatically receive a gift e-card credited with the amount of your monthly subscription at the beginning of the following month. This gift e-card will be valid for 6 months and can be used on the website or in our Maisons CODAGE.

Only for annual members

During your absences or when you don't have time to book your treatment, you are guaranteed to automatically receive gift e-cards credited with the amounts of your unused monthly contributions. This ensures your monthly payment is not lost, and you can use this credit at a later date, up to 6 months after the e-card is issued. Beyond this guarantee, you cannot pause your subscription but only cancel it for a monthly subscription.

Only for annual members

Yes, you can choose the treatment of your choice. Our experts can help determine the best treatment for your needs and expectations.

Yes, you have free access to the gym and wellness area with your 60-minute treatment or any other treatment you have booked.

Any subscription begins on the day of subscription online or at a Maison CODAGE, and months are counted at each renewal date, not necessarily on the 1st of each month.

Yes, you accumulate loyalty points for all your expenses made online or at one of our Maisons CODAGE, even if you benefit from the Club rate: 1€ spent = 3 points or 0.03€ credit.

Yes, you can go as many times as you wish, and beyond your complimentary monthly treatment, you have a 30% discount on each treatment thanks to your subscription.

No, the subscription is individual and cannot be transferred. However, you can share your CLUB rates (-30% on treatments and free access to gym + wellness with each treatment reservation) with a person of your choice during each of your visits, but your presence will be mandatory.

Yes, you can add 30, 60, or 90-minute add-ons to
your treatment when booking. These add-ons at Le Club rates are
available online or directly before your treatment. During this
additional time, you can discuss with your therapist the treatments that
will be provided.

Yes, you can offer a 3-month subscription e-card: link. Monthly or annual subscriptions cannot be offered via a gift e-card as they rely on a payment card to secure monthly payments. However, you can gift a subscription by directly linking it to your payment card. For any other specific requests, you can contact us at leclub@maisoncodage.com.

Yes, but this is a specific request that can be processed via email at leclub@maisoncodage.com or directly in-store.

We provide all the necessary items for your treatment. If you plan to use our wet areas (pool, sauna, hammam, etc.), please bring your swimsuit even though swimsuits are available for purchase at the SPA. If you plan to use our sports facilities, please bring appropriate sportswear and shoes.

Yes, it's possible. Just contact us at leclub@maisoncodage.com.

No, it's not possible to pay with a gift card or cash as an indefinite-term subscription (monthly or annual) must be linked to a payment card to automate monthly contributions.

Simply go to your client area, under the "Le Club" menu, you'll find access to book your monthly treatment.

No, the subscription is strictly for the named individual and cannot be transferred. However, you can share your benefits with a third party during each of your visits.

Let me know if you need more translations or if there's anything else I can assist you with!

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