As transparency is our strongest value...

As transparency is our strongest value...

First and foremost, we hope that you and your loved ones are doing well in these particular times.

12 years ago, we created CODAGE to bring back transparency, honesty and fairness in the beauty industry. Ever since, we’ve never stopped bringing you the best of cosmetology, with no less than 3 reformulated generations of formulations.
For 12 years, we’ve been working relentlessly to bring together effectiveness and naturality with ultra-efficient, allergen-free and 100% clean formulas.
For 12 years, we’ve been manufacturing our products in our very own laboratory in Nice and sourcing our packaging exclusively in France and Europe, with the aim of limiting the carbon footprint of our industry as well as supporting local craftsmanship and developing meaningful business relationships.
For 12 years, we’ve had the firm belief that luxury lies within the quality of ingredients, and the personalization of the services provided, not in the superfluous.
Our quest for excellence leaves no room for compromise.

For the first time since our creation, in the face of the unprecedented sanitary and geopolitical crisis, adjusting our prices has become an unavoidable measure; our objective is not to increase our margins.

On Monday April 4th 2022, our prices will increase by about 14%. With this announcement, we wanted to show total transparency, and give you time to take advantage of the current prices to place your orders before the upcoming changes in pricing.

A sincere and huge thank you to you, for remaining so faithful to us throughout the years. As a family business, our company needs to make sense. The beauty of CODAGE is revealed in your hands. We hope to remain your skincare partner for many years to come.

With our everlasting gratitude,

Amandine & Julien Azencott