Harsh temperatures and icy wind: there is no doubt that cold winter has made its comeback! Unfortunately for the skin, cold go hand in hand with redness, tugging sensations, dryness and a number of other discomforts. Simply put: new problems, new needs! Thankfully, CODAGE has just the right answer to rescue battered skin, and all this without putting away your usual and beloved care products. Your best allies? Serums, these concentrates of overly powerful ingredients. They adapt perfectly to your skincare routine in order to tackle cold-related skin issues. Here are the secrets held by this quick and easy beauty gesture to help you bring comfort to your skin as of the first application!



Over the last few years, this penetrating and fluid-textured elixir has found its sure way to our bathrooms. Why such keen interest? Let us tell you everything!

Because it brings all essential nutrients to the skin

The serum, with its high concentration of active ingredients, will act at the heart of the cells in order to meet specific skin issues. Formulated for targeted needs, it is applied right under your usual face cream to provide your skin with all the Nutri-nutrients it needs.

Because it performs in depth

The serum’s strongest feat stays its “in depth” action. Thanks to its light weight and fluid texture, it penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to stimulate cutaneous functions. Once into the depths of the skin, it releases its hyper-concentrated active agents to provide a specific response to each skin type. That is indeed the secret of its efficiency!

Because it adapts to each and every skincare routine

You know it already, skincare can be a lot of work. Cream, gel or oil? Anti-ageing, hydration or glow? Once the right products are found, it is not to be changed! However, when winter and cold weather are attacking the cutaneous natural barrier, one has to react quickly! Serums get it: simultaneously adaptable and specific, they fit every routine and meet the needs of YOUR skin. That is if you choose the right one.

Need help? The serum guide by CODAGE makes it easy as pie!



Because winter is never much kind to the skin, CODAGE offers you 4 serums, designed to protect it against aggressions. Right this way to find yours!

To nourish and protect: the Oh my Cold Serum

Dry and dehydrated skin, tugging and itching sensations… No doubt, your skin is suffering from winter’s assaults. We introduced it to you not long ago: Oh My Cold is our darling product to brave weather conditions and offer shelter to the skin. For a nourished, supple and comfortable skin: click here!

Oh My Cold serum

For deep moisturizing: the N°01 Serum

When skin dehydration symptoms intensify (crackling, peeling) deep moisturizing and skin barrier reinforcement are needed. Thanks to its heavy and light hyaluronic acids, The N°01 Serum was conceived to moisturize all skin layers and limit transepidermal water loss. Velvet skin and maximum comfort guaranteed!

Serum n°1

To soothe redness: the N°07 Serum

Fact: sensitive skins are more prone to suffer from cold. From localized redness to global inflammatory reactions (like rosacea or couperose), this skin type requires specific care and attention, especially in this season. The N°07 Serum is enriched with hydrating, soothing and anti-redness agents, to provide deep comfort and moisturization to reactive skin.

Serum n°7

For in-depth repair: the Skin Recovery Serum

When winter damages add up to other external aggressions (surgery, hair removal, laser, peeling etc.), one must act on all fronts: the multi-active Skin Recovery Serum perfectly answers this combination of factors. Soothing tetra-peptides, anti-ageing blue thistle stem cells and a synergic combination of algae to reduce redness, detoxify and enhance cell-renewal… Skin Recovery is the perfect mix of overpowerful ingredients to repair damaged skin.

Skin Recovery serum

You now have everything to adapt your routine to the cold weather thanks to CODAGE serums!