Detox your skin this spring with CODAGE

Detox your skin this spring with CODAGE

Stressed by the cold, weakened by the lack of light, the pollution, the stress... When winter comes to an end, it is common to have tired skin, dull complexion and marked features. The epidermis is in fact suffocating from the toxins, sebum, dead cells and other impurities that accumulated both on its surface and in its interior during the cold season. As the weather is getting warmer, it seriously needs a detox! CODAGE Paris tells you how to detoxify your skin so that it regains its strength and resistance for spring. Just follow the guidelines!



During the winter season, our environment and our lifestyle changed considerably, which could lead to :

  • An increase in exposure to external stress factors such as stagnant pollution in our poorly ventilated interiors, alcohol, tobacco, an excessively rich diet... They all can lead to the generation of so-called exogenous toxins - external to our bodies - such as free radicals.
  • An accentuation of endogenous toxins, those that our body produces on its own during cellular mechanisms such as respiration. These cellular debris - for example proteins or damaged and non-functional mitochondria - then accumulate inside the skin.

The skin has its own natural detoxification mechanisms, but in in winter time they tend to slow down, like every other skin function, and can no longer cope with a significant accumulation of toxins: it is therefore important to stimulate these mechanisms to help the skin detoxify!



Detoxification is a vital function of the body, naturally present in everyone. Natural detoxification mechanisms are extremely powerful. Three of them are known today and can be stimulated or even optimised thanks to cosmetics active ingredients!

  • The removal and recycling of damaged proteins and other cellular debris is important for the proper functioning of cells. If cells become "clogged" with damaged components, they will function more slowly. The two main routes of degradation of cell debris are autophagy and the proteasomal system. By stimulating these two essential biochemical cleansing processes, the cells return to normal functioning more quickly.
  • The removal and recycling of damaged mitochondria - small energy-producing factories in our cells - is essential to ensure appropriate levels of cellular energy. By replacing old mitochondria with new ones, the cells function optimally and generate more energy to better perform their functions.
  • The elimination by recycling of toxins already formed, for example thanks to the glyoxalase system, a set of enzymes taking in charge endogenous toxins transformed into components that will help the cells to function better!

In addition to these detoxification mechanisms, our body also has a natural antioxidant and anti-radical shield that protects the skin from the negative impacts of the toxins that are generated. Thus, our body works in parallel to avoid the generation of damage by toxins and to eliminate future or already present toxins! The circle is complete.



In our collection of active ingredients, CODAGE Paris have chosen to create Nutri-Element [Dx], Detoxifying, a cocktail of two ingredients with synergistic actions that help stimulate the skin's natural detoxification mechanisms:

  • An Extract of Red Janie Algae, a calcified algae with very slow growth. It is quite rare and represents a kind of tree of life in its ecosystem where its calcified structure shelters a large number of microscopic species.
  • Silk Tree Extract, coming from a plant that has long been used against anxiety, stress and for its sedative properties.

These two ingredients reinforce the activity of the cells' detoxification systems, in particular by stimulating the proteasomic system, involving the recycling of damaged proteins but also by optimising the mitochondrial detoxification system and the glyoxalase system. The cells thus regain energy and vitality for a healthy skin.

Find [Dx] in our skincare products of the "Act" category: the Serums N°02, N°03, N°04, N°10, Fall In Love, Spring Break, Skin Recovery, Moisturising and Mattifying Skin Care Waters.

The Nutri-Element [Ao], Antioxidant, is often present in these products. It reinforces the skin's natural antioxidant shield and thus helps to protect the skin from damage caused by toxins.


You now know everything about detoxification and its importance as the sunny days are back. Don't forget to integrate products containing ingredients that stimulate these mechanisms into your spring skincare ritual. Your skin will thank you for that!