myCODAGE : the ultimate made-to-measure

myCODAGE : the ultimate made-to-measure

50,000 billion combinations, only one that suits you.

CODAGE has a wide range of ready-to-wear serums, but its expertise lies in made-to-measurePrecursor, it is with this offer that CODAGE launched more than 10 years ago.

The CODAGE diagnosis, through the consultation skin and lifestyle, is ideal to benefit from a 100% customized treatment. This is the brand's most complete proposal: once the diagnosis has been made, and the needs and irregularities targeted, the made-to-measure serum remains our best ally to effectively treat all skin needs, in a 100% personalized way.

To celebrate the uniqueness of each skin, CODAGE has created myCODAGE: made-to-measure serums made on demand and at the minute.

Because the skin's requirements evolve according to our lifestyle and the seasons, CODAGE helps men and women create their ideal formula thanks to a precise diagnosis, established by CODAGE experts. What could be more logical than treating yourself to your own personalized serum, when this step of the ritual is known to be the most concentrated and effective for the skin, on the surface and in depth, immediately and over time.

After this diagnosis, the skin's specific needs are mapped out in the form of a "CODAGE" that guides the creation of ultra-personalized formulas thanks to Nutri-Elements dedicated to each skin concern.

Nutri-Elements are at the heart of the CODAGE language and concept. They are cocktails of active ingredients that treat a specific skin need. To go even further, two dosages of Nutri-Elements are possible: one for a basic treatment or prevention, and the other to target a priority need.

We also offer Boosters, which are Nutri-Elements that are more concentrated, or rarer to find, or even more difficult to work with.

This "all-in-one" made-to-measure serum, prepared in the laboratory with its unique formula according to the principle of magistral preparation, is prepared at the minute in the CODAGE Houses and online, with a bottle bearing the customer's initials.


Nutri-éléments and boosters are classified into 4 main categories; these categories are transformed into questions in the consultation, to develop THE formula that will correspond to the consumer/client:

  • Skin comfort: How does your skin feel?
    • Nutri-éléments : Hy (moisturizing), Ma (mattifying), Ap (soothing), Hy+ (moisturizing +, booster)
  • Cellular protection: What is your lifestyle ?
    • Nutri-éléments : Ao (antioxidant), Po (pollution), Hi (cold protection, booster), Et (heat protection, booster).
  • Anti-aging: What signs of aging do you want to treat?
    • Nutri-éléments : Ru (anti-ridules), Ri (anti-wrinkle), Fe (firmness), Li (immediate lifting), Aa (overall anti-aging, booster)
  • Complexion & texture: What irregularities in complexion and texture do you notice?
    • Nutri-éléments : Ac (anti-blemish), Re (repairing), Rg (anti-redness), Dx (detoxifying), Ec (radiance), Tc (anti-spot), Bl (brightening), Cn (anti-dark circles), Pc (anti-poches), Br (tanning, boosting)

All the basic needs of the skin are reviewed under each nutri-éléments.

Made as a language, it allows to simplify the science of skin care, and to determine a unique formula.

Where can I get a MyCODAGE diagnosis?

In one of the CODAGE Houses, places operated directly by the brand: Maison CODAGE Le Marais, Maison CODAGE SO/ Paris, and Maison CODAGE Kimpton Aysla Mallorca.