We believe that every skin is unique and has specific nutritional needs.

To treat these needs, CODAGE created its own Periodic table of Nutri-Elements : cocktails of active ingredients, combined and dosed to build a unique "codage".

Following a complete diagnosis, your needs are identified and mapped as a formula, to build a tailor-made skincare product. The formula will also help you to better understand and take care of yourself, in a simple and efficient way.


myCodage services

  • <p>A Customized offer.. even on your products</p>

    A Customized offer.. even on your products

    We take personalization even further engraving your initials and your unique Codage (=formula) on your bottle and packaging.

  • <p>How much does my serum cost?</p>

    How much does my serum cost?

    In full transparency, the professional who will create your formula will inform you on its price: it will depend on the selected type, volume, active ingredients and their concentrations.

  • <p>A Daily Use</p>

    A Daily Use

    Every bottle of serum has a 6-months lifetime after being made. This period guarantees maximum efficiency.  A 30 ml bottle for face corresponds to 3 to 4 months of twice-daily applications.

A formulation designed by professionals,

just for you.