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The Atelier's Haute Couture Cure

559,00 €

Duration: 225min

Give your skin a boost by offering it 1 personalized treatment per week for 1 month, while boosting it with the use at home of your magistral preparation (highly concentrated serum formulated and prepared on site). More than a cure, the Cure de l'Atelier is a real face and well-being coaching.


Max. 2 month, after purchasing your cure, contact Maison CODAGE Paris le Marais to determine the dates of each treatment 

Composition of the cure

  • 1st rendez-vous:  Haute Couture Cellular Workout + Exfoliation & Mask(s) + myCODAGE face serum 15ml
  • 2nd rendez-vous: Cellular Workout + Express LED
  • 3rd rendez-vous: Cellular Workout + Pro-Peel & Cooling Gua-Shas
  • 4th rendez-vous: Cellular Workout + Eye Lift & Glow

Included with the cure

Your myCODAGE made-to-measure serum face - 15ml for free

15% off all CODAGE Paris products until the end of the cure

The Atelier's Haute Couture Cure

559,00 €
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