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Night-Time Masterclass | Boost cell regeneration at night

59,00 €

Duration: 1h

A masterclass to adopt a ritual that will let you make the most of the night's restorative power. The goal: luminous, smooth, even-toned skin thanks to expert advice, self-massage techniques and product tips!


For all our Masterclasses, enjoy special benefits:
✓ A glass of champagne
✓ Expert tips and advice
✓ A gift card - €59
✓ 10 participants maximum


If less than 3 people register 48 hours before the event, we will be obliged to cancel it. An email will be sent to inform you of the cancellation and a full refund will be made. Or, we can position you on another date if you wish.


Prepare: During our Masterclass, we will teach you the importance of preparing your skin before applying skincare products. You will learn cleansing techniques suitable for your skin type, as well as the use of a toner to balance your skin's pH and prepare it for further treatments.

Act: Next, you will discover the effectiveness of highly concentrated active skincare products. We will present different serums and targeted treatments, and you will learn how to choose them based on your specific concerns. You will also understand how to apply these products optimally, using self-massage techniques to enhance their absorption into the skin.

Self-Massage: These self-massage techniques vary depending on the theme of your Masterclass and can include draining, anti-aging, stimulating approaches, and many more.

Protect: The final step of our Masterclass will focus on protecting your skin. We will emphasize the importance of barriers against external aggressors such as pollution. You will learn how to choose a moisturizer suitable for your skin type to maintain the health and beauty of your skin on a daily basis.

Night-Time Masterclass | Boost cell regeneration at night

59,00 €
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    You will receive a confirmation of your rendez-vous within maximum 24 hours.

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General Information

How can I register for the Masterclass?

Easily sign up for our Masterclass by selecting the date and time that suits you best. You will receive a confirmation email with all the important details. We look forward to your participation!

If the number of registrations is less than 3 people, 48 hours before the Masterclass, we will have to cancel the event. If this happens, we will send you an email to inform you, and we will provide a full refund for your booking or offer you an alternative date if you prefer.

The objectives and benefits of a Masterclass include learning the best practices for taking care of your skin, acquiring self-massage techniques, as well as understanding the specific needs of your skin and discovering suitable products.

The Masterclass lasts approximately one hour to allow our experts enough time to provide you with tailored advice for your skin.

Your gift card of €59 is valid for 1 year from the date of the Masterclass.

We offer special rates of -10% for all groups above 5 people.

You can reach us at the following email address: info@mycodage.com or fill out the form on the previous page if you have any specific inquiries.

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    Maison CODAGE Paris Le Marais

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  • <p>Special Benefits</p>

    Special Benefits

    A glass of champagne - Expert tips and advice - A gift card - €59 - 10 participants maximum

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    Contact us


    Tel : +33 (0)1 89 16 61 80

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