Cn: The Dark Circles Nutri-Element

Cn: The Dark Circles Nutri-Element

Why this Nutri-Element? 

Cn, also named Dark Circles, reactivates microcirculation and reduces skin colouring to prevent and correct dark circles under the eyes.

➔ Reduction of the pigmentation of dark circles:

  • Non-storage and elimination of blood pigments and their degradation products, which have leaked out of the capillaries. 
  • Inhibition of the genesis of new vessels. 
  • Improvement of the blood and lymphatic microcirculation. 
  • Anti-inflammatory effect to limit the creation of post-inflammatory pigmentation that can form brown circles.

➔ Strengthening of the fragile eye contour area:

  • Optimization of water retention capacities and limitation of insensible water losses. 
  • Contribution of an effect relipidant to rebuild the protective barrier. 
  • Reinforcement of the density and essential functions of the dermis by stimulation of the synthesis of the components of the extra-cellular matrix (collagen, elastin, GAGs...)
[Cna] Association of Matrikines and Flavonoids
[Cnb] Tuberose Stem Cells

[Cna]: Association of Matrikines and Flavonoids
The narcissus of the poets is a perennial European white flower, with early flowering, heady perfume, cousin of the daffodil, which is known since antiquity for its medicinal properties.

➔ In-Vitro :
  • Stimulation of the elimination processes of blood pigments and their degradation products, which have leaked out of the capillaries: objectified on iron and bilirubin (+600%). 
  • Anti-inflammatory properties, similar to those of aspirin

➔ In-Vivo :
  • 19% reduction in the blue and red components of dark circles. 
  • Dark circles faded in more than 60% of volunteers.
[Cnb]: Tuberose Stem Cells
The tuberose, or Polianthes Tuberosa, is a white flower native to Mexico, it is cultivated for its intoxicating perfume. Its extract of stem cells is associated in this active ingredient with natural betaine.

➔ In-Vitro :
  • Increase of water retention in the epidermis by +40% 30min after application 
  • Decrease in insensible water loss by -30% 30min after application Increase in free fatty acids constituting the hydrolipidic barrier by +24% 
  • Increase in the synthesis of the skin's > Increase in the synthesis of the major components of the extra-cellular matrix, for firming: proteoglycans (+27%), collagens (+22%), elastin (+26%), GAGs (+25%) 
  • Decreased expression of inflammation mediators, such as Interleukins 1-alpha (-26%), and 6 (-23%)
  • 34% increase in microcirculation
  • Increase in cellular respiration by +33% in normal physiological conditions

➔ In-vivo, 30 days of application:
  • 23% increase in radiance 
  • 76% of women say that dark circles are less colored 
  • 61% of women declared that puffiness had diminished 
  • 52% of women said that crow's feet wrinkles had diminished