Pc: The Puffiness Nutri-Element

Pc: The Puffiness Nutri-Element

Why this Nutri-Element? 

Pc, also named Puffiness, reduces the volume of under-eye pouches by relieving congestion and restoring elasticity to skin tissue to smooth the skin around the eyes.

➔  Decrease of the volume of the eye bags by decongestion and drainage:

  • Improved lymphatic circulation to evacuate already formed edema. 
  • Reduction of capillary permeability to minimize future water/lymph leakage.

➔  Fight against skin slackening under the eye leading to the formation of pockets of slackening:

  • by stimulation of ATP synthesis offering a tensor effect on the network of collagen fibers and by inhibition of glycation phenomena ("caramelization" weakening the collagen fibers) 
  • by improving elasticity 
  • by protection and prevention of skin slackening
[Pca] Oligoalginate Enriched Seawater
[Pcb] Draining Tetrapeptide

[Pca]: Oligoalginate Enriched Seawater
It's an association of seawater enriched with energizing metabolites (manufactured by microalgae before filtration) and high molecular weight oligoalginate which forms a second skin on the surface of the epidermis to better diffuse the enriched seawater.

➔ In-Vitro :
  • 20% increase in ATP synthesis 
  • 78% increase in protection against skin slackening

➔ In-Vivo, after 28 days of use :
  • 30% increase in the firmness of the pocket 
  • 14% reduction in roughness > 11% reduction in fine lines 
  • Up to 24% reduction in the volume of bags 
  • Up to 32% reduction in fine lines 
  • 40% improvement in the tired appearance of the eyes 
  • 50% improvement in the youthfulness of the eyes
[Pcb]: Draining Tetrapeptide
This tetrapeptide has anti-edema properties to prevent tissue swelling. It also improves elasticity to reduce puffiness in the long term.

➔ In-Vitro :
  • Inhibition of collagen glycation leading to a decrease in firmness and elasticity of the dermis 
  • Prevention of the accumulation of liquid in the eyes by inhibition of vascular permeability

➔ In-Vivo :
  • Significant reduction of bags after 14 days 
  • 30% increase in skin elasticity in 30 days 
  • 70% of volunteers had a decrease in the volume of bags after 28 days